Walk trails

The Walk

Where Is The Walk?

The Walk is in the private woods of the Beaulieu Estate and consists of four routes of approximately 1.5k, 3k, 5k and 8k

All the routes start and finish at the Tree House Study Centre.
The shortest route is the Treasure Trail which many people, families in particular, like to take their time over.
This 1.5k Trail is shared by all the routes and much of it can be traversed by pushchairs and wheelchairs.
Wheelchair users can check at Reception about the sections of the Trail that are easily accessed.
Once the Treasure Trail route is negotiated walkers can head out onto the longer routes or return to the Tree House.
The medium and long routes go up through the woods to Hilltop and back around the edge of the Estate before heading back to the finish; the long route consists of an added loop to the North of the Estate before the routes head back. The short route avoids Hilltop and follows the latter stage of the other routes.

How Are The Routes Marked?

All the routes are signposted. For major changes in direction there are tall signs at ground level. They are numbered and have colour coded bands to identify which route they are on. When routes separate there are signs indicating which route is which.
Small white signs indicating direction are to be found mainly at eye level attached to trees; these are colour coded too.
The signs on the final 500m stretch of the Walk have ‘TreeHouse’ printed on them to indicate the route back to the finish at the Tree House.

On Walk Day leaflets are given out to welcome participants and these have all the information needed to identify routes.

Are The Routes Difficult?

The trails on all the routes are similar to those encountered in the New Forest and should not present any major difficulties. Take extra care where trails are covered with low vegetation as the underlying surface could be uneven or soft and slippery. Please ensure you wear appropriate attire on Walk day.

Be aware that early stretches of the Walk cross over or go alongside water. Boardwalks are on some sections and care must be taken to traverse these properly. There may be some slow moving traffic within the Walk boundaries so extra vigilance is needed when crossing vehicular routes.


Toilets are at the Treehouse Study Centre which is at the start and end of the Walk. They will be clearly sign-posted and Marshals will direct walkers if required.

Can I Bring My Dog?

Dogs are welcome but must be on a short lead at all times. Please ensure you have poo bags with you in case they are needed. Be aware that deer are resident in the woods.

Points Of Interest?

The Treasure Trail traverses much of the Tremendous Tree Trail, set up and maintained by the Countryside Education Trust, which celebrates the ancient woodland within the area. Marker posts with information about the species are dotted around and these should prove very interesting to those who wish to take their time around the Treasure Trail.

Within the Treasure Trail you will come across Cob Cottage, the ‘House Built In A Day’; it is currently undergoing restoration after having its thatched roof replaced late last year. Houses of this type were constructed from materials nearby and if they were built in a day and smoke was seen coming from the chimney they were allowed to stay. You can find more detailed history about these type of cottages from the Countryside Education Trust.

Where the three longer trails turn for home you will find the House In The Wood – famous for its SOE connections in WW II. It is now a private residence but its name is clearly visible and its history is well worth discovering.

The paths are well signed and marshals will be at key points to help and assist walkers.   The average person should complete the main 8k walk in about 2 hours and the shortest walk in an hour. However, these times can go out a little if some interest is taken in the Treasure Trail.

To The Finish

Route markers and marshals will guide you back to the Walk Reception at the Tree House to check out at the finish. The signs on the final section of the Walk have 'Tree House' on them to show the finish is close. Walkers must report back to Reception to ensure we know that everyone has finished walking the route; a well-earned certificate for completing the walk will then be presented and complimentary refreshments will be available. The Walk will be closed down after the cut-off time by the Route Controllers to ensure every walker has finished.


Vehicles are parked in one of the small car parks on the left as you drive into the National Motor Museum. A sign to the Rotary Event will be clearly visible by the roadside. More information is given on the On Walk Day page.