10th Annual Rotary Charity Walk At Beaulieu

The 10th annual Rotary Charity Walk at Beaulieu has been postponed until further notice.

The Walk is open for anyone to participate but our aim is to provide an event that Clubs and Charities can use to gain sponsorship to raise funds.

Everyone who registers will receive an official Walk Sponsorship Form that they can copy and show to potential sponsors.

We would encourage everyone who wishes to participate to register early and to try and raise some sponsorship; you can even sponsor Hythe Rotary as all the funds we receive are spent on charitable causes.

This year participants can sign up online; this should make it much easier for individuals and groups alike.


We are grateful to Lord Montagu who has given us permission for the charity walk to be held in the private woods of the Beaulieu Estate and to The Countryside Education Trust for the use of the Tree House Study Centre