How to submit the sponsorship money you have raised.

You can hand in your sponsorship money in on the day of the event or send your sponsorship money to us as soon as you can and within three weeks of the event to ensure we can claim the maximum eligible Gift Aid on your sponsor’s donations.

Please encourage your sponsors to sign up for the Gift Aid option; this enables us to increase your sponsor’s donations by 25% - for example, £50 of sponsorship will become £62.50 with gift aided donations. Rotary need just their house number or house name plus postcode to claim the Gift Aid – we do not use this information for any other purpose.

Once your sponsor’s donations have been collected please send along to Hythe and Waterside Rotary at the address below – NOT to your chosen charity. As soon as all the walk sponsors donations have been received, we will apply for gift aid, consolidate all the proceeds and distribute it to all the nominated charities after deducting the agreed 25%.

The sponsorship money you collect will be shared; we will send 75% to your chosen charity, if you nominate one, and the rest to Rotary charities. This process can take a number of weeks but we hope to have it completed by October.

When you have collected all your sponsorship money, send with the sponsor forms to Rotary at the following address:

Beaulieu Charity Walk,
c/o  2 Sherwood Way,
SO45 1ZQ

Please make cheques payable to Rotary Club of Hythe & Waterside Trust Fund.

You can also pay on line by bank transfer to The Rotary Club of Hythe and Waterside Trust Account. Account No. 51350226,

HSBC Bank,
17 The Marsh,
SO45 6ZB,
Sort Code 40-25-24.

Please ensure you reference ‘Charity Walk’ and your walk registration number. Please remember to send your completed sponsorship form to the above address for us to claim the extra 25% gift aid.

If you have any questions regarding the walk or sponsorship, please contact us at walk@hytherotary.org.uk

The Rotary Club of Hythe and Waterside Trust Fund is a registered charity. Charity Number 1032430

How Do Rotary Use Their Proportion of the Sponsorship money?

Hythe and  Waterside Rotary has raised many thousands of pounds for local, national and international charities. We are  part of Rotary International, a worldwide organisation with 1.2 million Rotarians based in communities across the world with its volunteers meeting on a regular basis for friendship, fellowship and to plan projects that will benefit the lives of others.

The eradication of polio from the world is the number one priority of Rotary International. Rotary clubs across Great Britain and Ireland and beyond raise funds, administer the vaccine and continue to spearhead the End Polio Now campaign, which started in the 1980s. Since then, the number of endemic countries has fallen from 125 to three: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

It's welcome news that India is now no longer on the World Health Organisation list of endemic countries. This is thanks to the dedication of Rotary Club Members who work with health partners worldwide to deliver the polio vaccine to millions of tiny children, protecting them from a lifetime of crippling pain and deformed limbs.

Progress has reach a point where we are almost there but, as with any major project, the difficult part is finishing the job. Rotary is totally committed to meeting its promise to the world that the disease will be eradicated.

We are well known for providing accommodation to thousands of people affected by earthquake, flood and famine through the Shelter Box programme.

This was most recently in the news following the terrible earthquakes in Japan and Haiti and the floods in Brazil.

Closer to home, Hythe and Waterside Rotary have supported many local groups including:

  • Waterside Youth Band,
  • Hythe Football Club,
  • Alzheimer’s Society,
  • Waterside Cancer Support,
  • Marchwood Community Association,
  • Solent Dolphin,
  • Panthers Hockey Team,
  • Remap –  helping people with disabilities,
  • Handy Trust Youth Projects,
  • Waterside Theatre
  • Building the sheltered housing projects of Muircroft in Dibden Purlieu and Priestcroft in Blackfield.

Contact Us

Rotary Club of Hythe & Waterside
meet on Monday at 19.30
No meeting on Bank Holiday Mondays

Solent Suite,
Dibden Golf Centre,
Main Road
SO45 5TB
Telephone: 023 8084 5060
Email: secretary@hytherotary.org.uk
Web address: www.hytherotary.org.uk

The Rotary Club of Hythe and Waterside Trust Fund is a registered charity.
Charity Number 1032430

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